2013 Library Grant Announcement

FoML will award two $750 grants to libraries and Friends groups in Maine at the FRIENDS of MAINE LIBRARIES statewide ANNUAL MEETING on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at Hallowell City Hall, Hallowell, Maine. These grants will be for special projects that enhance library service and promote stronger library-community relationships. Applications* can be downloaded from the FoML website: www.friendsofmainelibraries.org

*All applicant ORGANIZATIONS must be FoML members in good standing but if they are not, they must join FoML at the time of application. Membership dues are $25 for organizations. Applications can be found on the FoML website.

Grant Application Timelines:

Starting Thursday, August 1, 2013, grant applications will be accepted.

Application deadline is August 31, 2013 and must be ELECTRONICALLY SUBMITED to lparker@town.windam.me.us

Grant award winners will be notified by September 15th.

Grant awards will be announced and presented at the FoML annual meeting on September 28, 2013.

Winners will give a ten minute presentation about their grants at the conference and will be expected to give a short follow-up report at the following year’s FoML Annual Meeting.

Friends of Maine Libraries works closely with the Maine State Library and the Maine Library Association to promote cooperation and communication across many levels in the library community.

Please direct inquiries and grant requests (electronically sent by email) to:

Laurel T. Parker – FoML President
Windham Public Library
217 Windham Center Rd.
Windham, ME   04062

Friends of Maine Libraries
2013 Grant Application Form

Library Name__________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address_________________________________________________________________________

State and Zip Code_______________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number_______________________________________________________________________

Email Address __________________________________________________________________________

Contact Person Title______________________________________________________________________

Title or Name of Project___________________________________________________________________

Financial Assistance Requested by this Application_____________________________________________

Total Project Budget______________________________________________________________________

Briefly describe your project by attaching a summary not to exceed one page. Outline the purpose of your project, expected results and how they are to be measured. Include a brief breakdown of the proposed budget. Please be succinct, but specific, in describing how you would use these funds if awarded.

Geographic Area Served_______________________

Number of People Served_____________________

The applicant hereby gives assurance that:
1. The activities and services for which assistance is sought will be administered by or under the supervision of the applicant.
2. Funds received under this application will be used only for the specific project shown, and Winners will give a ten minute presentation about their grants at the FoML Annual Meeting on September 28, 2013 in Hallowell, Maine.
3. The filing of this request has been authorized by the Board of Directors of the applicant.
5. In the case of a grant award, the applicant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Friends of Maine Libraries and its agents from any liability, loss, cost, injury, damage or other expense that may be incurred by the applicant or claimed by any third person against it as a result of funding the applicant’s project or any action or non-action taken in connection with the applicant’s project.

I attest that information contained in this application and in any attachments made as part of this application are true and correct to
the best of my knowledge.

Authorized Representative of the Board, Title and Date

Please direct inquiries and electronically submitted grant requests to:

Laurel T. Parker – FoML President
Windham Public Library
217 Windham Center Rd.
Windham, ME   04062